About me

Hi hi ! It’s  very very nice to meet you !
I do not promise, I say, I do not believe till I see and never say never.
Short story…I am just a human being whom wants to know more and more but in the same time, to share as much as possible.
Hope you will enjoy my little journey 🙂

I started with this idea of writing some years ago. I do like to write about everything and this blog is meant to be not just a girly one but more then life one.

Yes, I am a girl of 22 and proud of my life till now. All what I am and what I have is from my own work and love ones moral support. Coming from a past communist country to make an European lifestyle is pretty much hard but success will make part of my life eventually.

So…keep following me if you wanna now more about me, what I am doing, and how I do manage things in my life on every each plan .

Kisses and hugs



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