So, lets start with the begining.

As it is new year and new challenges  are waiting for me to discover, I thought that it might be a good idea to start blogging as well. I wanted for a long time now to write , as is my hobby, but you know…all the time you find something else to do. The little spear time I got, I decided to not be an excuse anymore and here I am. Launching my first blog.

Still holiday and still laying in my precious bed, I realized how many things are waiting for me to put them in order. But till then…let’s take a deep breath and enjoy the Christmas tree and peace from these days.

Story of my life, is very simple. I was born in Romania, I am 22 and still a student. You know…big dreams, big expectations from this life. Now I live in Denmark. A very nice country which took me in its arms and takes care of me. I am working my ass off for a decent life and being a full time student is pretty hard to manage things but I got used to. No money from my parents since I was 19. I don’t know you, but I am to vainglorious to take something from them…don’t ask me why…

My life, was a bit boring if I may say. I mean, I’ve always been a little nerdy and not so much into social life but as time went by, I succeed to step by that phase and actually begining to be pretty popular in high school by being a cheerleader….muhahahaha. But about this and other, very soon…

Hope you like my Christmas tree. 😀

Kisses and hugs,



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