Hello you guys,

I felt that today we should meet again so here I am posting, again. Muhahahaha…:D

I was looking around me, and all I could see is my cat running and running and running…playing all day. “Oh my gosh….such a life” I was thinking :)). But you know, I really do not want to have it …blame me if you want ! 😛

I met a bunch of people whom said that they would like to sit all day and just play video games, watch movies or what ever. If you think a bit, I suppose that this life would be quite boring, or not?

No purposes, no ideals, no dreams, no nothing. Can a human being live like that? but really…?!

In this way, where my life would go? And honestly, I think I would feel dead just impersonating myself in some video or movie characters.

So, luckily me, I am a quite active person and I do not have time to be bored. All the time I find something to do and I do advice you to do the same. You will feel accomplished even if you just cleaned your wardrobe or do some fitness , study just a page from your manual, call a friend and take a walk meanwhile you talk and solve some your/her(his) problems.

Just don’t stay all day and alone and do nothing! Life is so short to spear it like that. Of course, if you are young, you do not feel it but later maybe you will regret it. My biggest fear in this life is to have regrets. I am suffering a lot when I do have one(two, three and so on). I do not encourage excess, do not get me wrong, please, but I do encourage life living for sure.

Make memories, you guys! Take responsibility of your actions and your life will be a lot of more funny and beautiful. And when you will grow old, you will know for sure that you will have what to talk with your grandchildren. Hahahahha 😀

ohh see… now even my cat is looking to the future ❤cat thinkingLets do it as well! Wish you great memories !

Kisses and hugs



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