I cannot handle this anymore. I just feel that I have some butterflies in my belly and have no patience to read or think at something good to put on my paper work for school. In this time, I hear my boyfriend having fun, playing CS. I just feel that I am gonna not pass. It’s so important for me to take this exam after a big and major fail. I am obsessed now to have everything right, to take all assignments with best grades and sorting out my problems regarding subjects and all I need to have and present at the exam. Am I silly to think like this? To feel this?

I worked a lot during this semester and I do not want to fail now.

I do miss so much holidays…as you I suppose.

Just need this few minutes break of my reading and researching things. I am such a strange personfor you right now, I think. I am feeling that my brain doesn’t work but in the same time very scared of my next exams. I do have it on 12th this month and so much things to prepare. Did you ever felt like me before?

If yes, lets deeply breath and think much more clear.




OK. So now after this, and relaxing a bit, I feel a bit better. Hope that it worked for you as well. It didn’t pass everything for good but it’s a start.

First thing now, need to organize myself on days, and hours what I need and want to do. After, taking everything piece by piece, I will manage it. (we need to tell ourselves this).I need to manage it.

If you have better advices or ways to help…I am more than opened to accept and try them.

I was always been bit nerdy and very preoccupied about school and have good grades but I think never like this. And what worries me most is that acting like this I will fail with applause. I suppose that you agree …

So my dears, in this case, we need to think positive and have faith in our powers and brain. As much as we will worry, more and more worries will come along, and we don’t need that! NOO NO. As Bob Marley said “don’t worry, be happy” ..hahaha.Let’s make us a cup of tea, put some honey and we are good to go for a long and affective studying.

Thank you very much for reading my thoughts and if you ever felt like this…just let me know how did you passed it. And, If you will fell like me in future, hope that my post will help, calm you down and have a great time while studying.

Big hugs ,



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