Ways of talking


Hi my dear friends,

Today I had a pretty hard day but it passed, somehow. Even if my exam from next week is killing me (i mean mentally…you know, EXAAAAAMMMM !!!! WAAAAAA :(( ) I’ve managed to conquer my kingdom of calming and organized preparation. YEEEYYY :D.

Last post from yesterday, was really putting me on my feet for today and could take myself on the right way, I can say.

Anyway…the most important moment of the day was just a simple way of saying that he loves me. By buying a bunch of flowers, he told me how much appreciates me, respects me and encourages me to step forward and have faith that everything will be ok without saying a even a word.

This was the main thing which put me to think. How many ways of talking with someone are there, in this world and how beautiful is to be a human being. We can show so many things just from our behavior (good or bad, of course). But most often , living day by day, we totally forget to enjoy life and love people which make us happy or even learn from others hate.

Have you ever thought about this ?

Can’t wait to read about your experiences and how you manage to discover people around you.

Big hugs,



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