Let’s get them WHITE

Hello my dear friends,

For todays blog, I wanna show you and review a new product that I discovered.

Since I know myself I wanted whiter teeth. Because I was a bit sick in my childhood I needed to take a lot of antibiotics and my teeth went to a darker shade. I didn’t took it seriosly in that period but my teenage came I started to hate my teeth . I’m stiil not happy about them (I mean their shape) but it goes…

All in all, I started to search few weeks ago, something to whitening my teeth. I read a lot of reviews and stuff abot pro and cons whitening. Those cons didn’t affect me I may say. I want so much to smile without thinking and I am ashamed of their colour so I finaly ordered Cristalsmile Teeth Whitening.

I am so so happy about this product. It not just that it’s very affordable but I can see a huge change . I can see after every use, an improuvement .



It is very ease to use it, as well. just put the gel from the seringe into thise gum shapes and stay with the LED into your mouth for 45 min. It’s true that is a bit to much but the good thing is that you can do a lot of stuff during this period. For exemple, like me, write your blog…ha ha ha 😀

During my usage of this product, I didn’t see or feel the disadvantages. It’s true, all the time I had sensitive teeth gums and maybe that’s why I cannot distinguish the difference bettwen using the product and don’t. For me, all the time was a problem of hurt when I’ve been eating cold or hot food and drinks.

An important thing is to not have big expectations from this tipe of products. They never will make your teeth like a denstist would do. If you want a dramatic and fast change, I advice you to make an appoinmtment to the doctor. 🙂

If you tried this product or want more details about it and my experience , please let me a message or a comment bellow.

Big hugs,



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