True love …old love

Hi you guys,

I want so much to share with you a great event that is going on into my family. My parents have today 24 years of marriage. Can you imagine that …24 years ?!!! I love them so much even if I do not tell it everyday or so.

As I moved in Denmark 3 years ago, somethimes I do not even answer to their calls couse I am too busy or tired. I do not know what’s in my head in those moments. I mean, they made so many sacrifices for me, and I, do not even answer.

As their child, I had a nice childhood I may say. Very paceful, nice, and I trully felt love in our family. I am still a very loved kid. 😀

But, today, I am thinking at them, as adults with so longevive life together. Many times I saw them playing like children, saying only nice words, understanding each other and almost never calling by their names just by niknames (love names). They were blessed with this love. I trully admire them hiw they went through all problems since now and still being together and loving each other.

Happy birthday mom and dad ! I love you !

I am proud of my kind, crazy(in the good way) and ever young parents.

Without them, I wouldn’t be here, talking with you today. So, thank you !

Without them, I wouldn’t have the courage to walk, to talk and grow up old in the way I did. So, Thank you!

Without them, I couldn’t create a life for myself, as I did. So, thank you !

I am thinking to my father, my first love, and I wish that the man who will marry me to see what a great humna being is he and respect him as a father himself. And to my great mother, to be loved and appreciate by my future family couse she, was and will be, pylon of this family; she took bad, proccess it and give good.

With respect for all parents in the world,



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