Fish …yammmy

My dear friends,

This evening I decided to cook something else then usual, for me. I do realy like to make experiments in kitchen, so I tried to mix some fish with vegetables. I am sure that is nothing brilliant :)) but is very simple and tasty as well. Hope that you will try it 🙂

So, for this meal, I used: fish, sherry tomatoes, leek, red pepper, lemon, salad, cucumber, cheese

Condiments: salt1

From 2 small pieces of fish I cut them into 2 cm thick pieces and put them to cook into the pan. I seasoned it with salt.

After the fish was almos2t ready, I added vegetables cuted in small pieces as well: tomatoes, leek, red pepper and 3 washers of lemon cutted in 4. Let them cook for 3-4 min. In this time, I prepared the salad, cucumber and cheese and arranged them a bit into the plate.

Take the pan from the working stove and wait a few minutes, so the mixture cool down. When you think that you can eat it and is on your taste…just put it on the plate. Now you are ready to enjoy your meal for this afternoon 🙂

Hope that you will like it . If you do, do not forget to write me couse I am looking forward about your opinion and why not, your improuvement of this receipe.


Lots of hugs,


PS: I didn’t put numbers or exactly amounts because we all are different. So, I prefered to let you play according your taste in this matter.


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