Fun and sweat

222So my dears, yesterday I was to the gym. I had a very nice time loosing some kalories (I do really need that !!!) and after I went to sauna.  I feel so great after this week on “gyming” and it’s crazy how much my body changes everyday. I wanna loose some wheight but still, I do not push myself into the edge couse I wanna keep this program for a long time and need something smooth that I can follow every day:D…I am quite a lazy, I admit it, but always. oooppsss 😀

Anyway, I do advice you to do the same if you wanna have fun, good time, and still stay fit :*. It is worth it, belive me!

Let me tell you, I discovered a new love!. Since now, I didn’t put so much energy into thinking about it, but it’s great. I do recomand for all of you.

It gave me a nice time after my exercises but I’ve seen a huge improuvement of my back acne(Yes, I have one of those for years…yeyyy 😦 ). My skin is much more healty and it feels great ! 😀

Promise that I will take some pictures and show it to you on my next posts. 🙂

Big hugs,



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