Reading or listening

Hi hi, my sweeties,

I hope you had a great and delightful week.

I sure had…ironically speaking. A lot of problems came these days and hope that by time I will solve them. I need to !! It’s not brain surgery to pass this hard period but my calm and pacience is very low low low …..graded. 😀

aaaaaanyway, to relax a bit, I remebered that in my house somewhere, here is an Ipod and this brought me the perfect idea to purchase some audio books and just listen them. I like a lot to read, but I do not have literature in my home just school stuff (and who wants to read manuals on a Friday evening ???? NOBODY :D), I adapted as I could.

I just realised how much do we change as time goes by. In the last few years, I would never thought that sometime I will put my headphones and just listen some book read by a random person. And I wonder, is this a trully good idea?

Being the first time when I am doing this, it is very strange for me. I can barely imagine what this woman is saying to me :)). Am I a strange person? (…Please say NO. 😀 )

I am used to read, to work my eyes, brain, and fantacy by having a book in my hands. Turning pages and feeling how that paper(old or new) smell, gives me a totaly different experience. Reading could be a ritual, a very nice one, actually.

Now, I am feeling empthy. I am struggling to imagine what this woman is telling me. I wonder if I would read those words in the same maner like she does?! It’s funny though.

I know that since a long time ago there are people who record their voice for the fairy tales and kids around the world listened them before sleeping. Well. you see, I never had that. My parents read me, and stayed with me till I was in my perfect world of dreams. I think maybe that’s why I am such an alien from this new generation thing discovered at 22 years old. OH MY GOD!! I feel so old now :))

Still, I would like to read about what you guys feel regarding this topic and maybe. with your comments I will fall in love with audio books. Looking forward for this! 🙂

Kisses and hugs,


PS: My books (audio books)for the next period:



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