Letter for you, from all my heart

03045_spectrumarray_1920x1080Hi there, beautiful souls,

I did miss writting you and just stay chatting like pasivly with you. Anyway, the thing is that I would like to transmit my soul peace and happyness to you all. I do care a lot of all my friends so , here I am, hugging you with the kindness of my words.

I feel so much better nowadays. I started classes at University today and I am so excited about my future project for this semester and all what I will learn. This made me feel so special and proud that I am sourranded by all my collegues and teachers. They are just great and so proffesional. I missed it a lot this weeks.

My question for you, today is: did you find what makes you happy and accomplished? …I did!

The thing is how you find out that you are happy and here I think is the key. Did you worked all night for that little thing which could complete the overall project? Have you been so tired that you couldn’t fall asleep in any way and still decided to read more and find out those details that will make the difference? Did you have no sleep for 3 days just for having the result you dreamed about ?

I am that crazy girl just discribed in upper questions. If I would be you, and reading this text, maybe I would think that this person for sure it’s obsessed or something like that. It’s not like the case. I am just absorbed by what I like and makes me happy. All this life is about this…being happy. Don’t you agree? We really need to learn how too see the best in everything. I recognise, I am not so optimistic person in general but I really struggle to open my eyes and make them big like always I see a big and nice cake in front of me :D. We need to do this for a better life. Otherwise, this world will take us and smash us without asking and without regrets. A beautiful soul it can be seen from miles.

An another helping thing is our big and perfect smile. Even if we do not have the perfect teeth shape or colour, always will be someone whom will appreciate it. Our open hearts will love unconditionaly and will be loved in the same way. From where I do know?! … well, it’s a fact that this life is like a weel, all the time going around. Just need to be patient and positive person. You all deserve to be like this and don’t forget, you all mean the hole world for someone, your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, siblings, family. Thinking of them, why not to put a smile on your face and fell the love from them. Not all the people know how to share their feelings or how to show them. Forgive them, teach them, give a kiss, a hug and smile…your day will turn 360 degrees in a better one.

Hope you all find your inner peace, things you love to do and for what you were ment to be and wish you a lot of love!

Big hugs,


PS: “what goes around, comes around”


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