Spring by color

My dear beautiful ones,

Spring is going to come, eventually…promise! Depending where do you live, maybe you are much more lucky and already you can enjoy the sun and those perfect worm days.

Myself, I am not so affortunate. I live in Denmark and even if I have suny days (was a miracle last 2 days) I cannot leave my cosy winter jacket. NO NO, miss and mister, I cannot! The wind is killing me !

But, doesn’t matter actualy. This will not descourage me and I will wear spring colours. After all, who has enough patience to wear nice colours that make you feel alive and very happy in your clouths ?! … answer: not me !

Wearing nice outfits of even bright colours, make me a lot more active phisically and mentaly :).

All this being told, let me share you this spring’s colours. ddd

My opinion is that these, are fab !!! Very shic, easy to wear and very nice for all sorts of combinations. Don’t you agree? For a long time now, I didn’t like the hole pallete of colours that were proposed for a season.

Hope you like this as well as me. I am curious, which one you like the most? I am waiting you answers in the comments bellow if you want to share your opinions with me.

Big hugs and kisses,



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