Loving Happy Valentine’s Day

Hello you loved one,

I chose to not write a traditional post for Valentine. This means that you will not find any of those pinky binky flowery things in here and not because I do not love or ain’t I loved. Valentine’s Day for me mean a lot of marketing. I hate when I see a lot of created love around. If it would be by me, you would find all the time postcards and love team things in shops. And why not? If you trully love someone then you should be able to give him/her in any moment or day something nice…a flower, a puppy, a heart shaped pillow and so on.

Love is a feeling, not an object 🙂 and I think that many of us didn’t understand that. Money should not be able to buy us love and not even envolved in.

Tell me, what would you prefer? A dinner prepared by your partner, a movie and a great relaxing time or a pillow that will break when your dog bites it ?! A love letter/ e-mail from your lover in that day when you need it(maybe just like a surprise) or just ones a year when everyone gets something on Valentine’s Day?!

This day puts a lot of preasure on people as well. From buying presents to have enough money for the date and taking care of things that us normaly we should do every day not just today.

I am not against Valentine’s Day don’t get me wrong. I love and I am loved 🙂 but I do not like all this materialization of it and forgeting what it trully means.

Hope for you all to have a great and full of love Valentine’s Day not just a present and a pressed kiss.

Lots of hugs,



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