Morning rush

Hello my beautiful ones,

Today I had a very rushed morning due to some work I had to do. And because I do not walk out without makeup, I thought that is that perfect occasion for doing a video and share it with you. For me the most important is skincare and after that makeup. 🙂 So for it, I use these products:


no 7


l'oreal elixir

And for makeup I put:

rimmel mascara brow


When it comes about beauty, we think that we need to be as those photoshoped models. Well wrong wrong wrong.Why e would want that? Our body has good and bad days and we need to help it to recouver not to be sad and hide till we think that now it’s fine people to see us. So my girls, every each one of us, have had a bad skin day, and one of those, I am just enjoying now. :))

But still, I do not mind to show you because is humanly to have it. I advice you to not be ashemed about it neighter. I like to think that you look as you feel so be happy and smile. Real people around you will do not even see those spots, don’t worry. 🙂

All in all, hope  you will like the video. Enjoy girls :*




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