Decoration idea


Hello my sweety,

I know that you all the time whant something nice as home decoration. Whant something in your living room that makes you smile and feel as much as confortable as possible or in your kitchen that great element which completes the hole cooking or dining environment. I could talk about it for days.

I love decorating my house. And because I get bored quite often and all the time I need a change (small ones are just perfect). If I would need to spend money  when I want to have something else, I would be totally broke and I am not joking ! :))

Because of this, I tried to think about myself and my house. I descovered what I like, what style should I adopt and so on. I was serching on internet a lot of pictures about home design and guess what?!…I finally get to an opinion about all this small things that make me happy.

So, for those of you whom are like me or just whant a change in your decorating section of your life, read and watch me further more  🙂

Hope you will enjoy it and if you will give it a try, please send me a picture so I can see it as well and be proud of your success 🙂




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