Gimme my energy back…

Hi all of you,

The craziest thing happens. What I fear more during this period happens.

And I wonder…what is the difference between being lazy and having no energy in doing things. I still need to figure it out in which category I am. (unfortunatly) The workload is so high rated and so much that I just want to put the pillow on my head and hopping that nobody sees me.

I am such a girl somethimes, right?!

I am complaning that I have so many things and so “not so much” power to do them. My vibe is low but my thinking is high(I say… ). Maybe many people would like to be in my shoes but now, I want to be in theirs…like suny beatches, cocktails and good music….aahhhhhh. Please tell me how to stop ?!!!:))))

I trully believe that the best idea would be some days of holiday, but you see, nobody gives them for free …hahahaha.

Automn came in Denmark as well and thinking of my days of holiday is just making me sick…or homesick. I cannot make the difference between these two. I think is the first time when I had such a good time home and those moments keep me down there in my dreams and cannot start my real life activities. This is the curse of choosing to live abroad maybe. So many of us are doing it and so many are happy. I am too, but for now, I don’t know how to reprogram my body and soul to move further. If I need help?!…yes I do. I need to help myself a lot now. If somebody can do something?!…I don’t think so. Me, myself and I need to take the big step and be creative, active, and positive.

For those of you who can recognize themselves in this, I am just saying, let’s get the sheet done !

Everyone can do a big step in their lifes but how many are so brave to take the baby steps instead?!

With all my energy left, I give you

hugs and kisses + goodvibes