Small change for you-Big one for me

My dear friends,
Oh my God! It’s autumn already? Really ??
Ups, just did not notice that :D.
During all this time when I disappeared in all blank area, I had lots to do and so, I cannot wait to tell you post by post.
How are you guys? hope that you had a great time all this days of late summer and autumn. Yuhuuu ❤
First, I will just announce you my dear ones, I changed my hair colour. Finally !!! Can you believe it ? I waited so looong to do it and finally I had the courage . Or maybe, I wasn’t so sure till now and wasn’t brave enough to convince all my family and boyfriend to agree with me and that actually is a good idea for me and that I need a change:)))) hahahahaha…
After some hours of talking, I just found myself in front of a large shelf with great hair colors. And what I’ve done ?? :))))
I chose something almost the same shade with my natural hair colour and after dyeing it , you could not see the difference.:)))) yah…just me 😀
It took a month to dye it again and guess what?! I let my boyfriend take the step and he chose a great one for me. I love it !!! Just take a look and say your opinion. 😀 Can’t wait to read it ! ❤


A small review of hair color mask it would be that I am pleased and satisfied about the result. It was very easy to use it. The shade was darker at the beginning, but after the second hair wash, it was like they said it would be on the package. I had it on for 30 min with it and after washing the creme off, I put their conditioner from the box :). Again, very very pleased ! I will definitely use it again ! ❤

Lost of hugs ShotType1_328x328