What people do when… ?!

So, I am thinking, what people do when they are thoughtful and sad?

It happens, right? To be gone with your thoughts and remember all the mistakes you’ve done and all the right things that you approve to be good in your life. And you are sad, and just gonna cry thinking what if? I know that is not healthy to think like this but it happens. And what do you do then? How you step aside and say…hey, I am happy even if.

Just realized that all my life I was running and running after all my carrier dreams. I was studying like crazy, spending time just by myself being so tired to hear somebody else then me and I am now, in that position when I wonder. But what if …?

My energy is more then low and bad thinking height rated.  My experience says that I will pass this moment and everything will be fine. But still, only now, I can see if I worked hard enough and have all I dreamed of or not. The daily routine is keeping us in a rhythm that doesn’t let us see where we actually are. Time is going so fast that makes me cry. And for what?

What is this after all?! Just an another day, just an another thought or image of a rainy evening struggling to be finished.

You see…people everywhere and anytime they can have this moments of crying, weakness or thoughts that can push them on the ground. And what they do then? NOTHING. Because they know why they feel this and the struggle to be better, it won’t work. Complicated things are meant to be complicated and regrets, are more then one.

After, what do people do when they are happy? … NOTHING! Nobody knows that is happy or that they have all they ever wanted. Opinions, thoughts and wishes, change together with age and then what? When they look back, they aren’t happy anymore because the dream they were following to, it’s already shallow when it came true and not enough to make them happy as they would like to.

My conclusion, never is enough and never it will be. Just living the moment, live that smile of your loved one, that hug or kiss, that sunset or full moon. Take your time for being sad and cry your eyes out but after, be strong enough to say I love you and my life.

Lots of hugs and hope for good vibes,