si e vorba de acel moment in care afli muzica perfecta. pregatesti o ambianta frumoasa in casa si te gandesti la ceea ce te asteapta si ce ai. nu vrei sa afli decat cine esti si pe cine ai langa tine. nu pentru a merge mai departe ci a afla unde esti si si ce vrei defapt. si te uiti in jur. liniste. pisicul doarme, iubitul doarme si in linistea deplina iti aflii pacea si bucuria ca esti acolo. langa el, cel care te iubeste, te sprijina si te vrea pentru toate acele momente in care esti urata, racita , nervoasa si in cele mai negre zile ale tale. Dar nu vezi mereu asta. vezi doar ca el nu vrea sau nu are chef sa mearga, sa vina sau sa rada. si aici apari tu, completandu-l si aducandu-i zambetul pe buze, linistea in suflet si dorinta de a merge mai departe.


impreuna. pentru ca nu existati unul fara celalalt.

acum cand toate iti trec prin minte, asculti muzica din casti si vezi in lumina unei lumari si veoze ceea ce soarele nu iti poate da. de ce? pentru ca nu face aceleasi umbre si nu iti deschide ochii incat sa vezi tot adevarul. el te vrajeste doar cu bucuria si culorile ce ti le arata in jur.

melancolie ar zice unii…bacovia ar spune altii. nici macar eminescu nu poate stii.

dar melodia din casti se schimba si iti schimba starea si ce sa vezi…canta bine.

canta de bine.

inconjurata de facturi, griji si lumi inchise am decis sa ridic si eu capul si sa imi fac curaj in ceea ce ma inconjoara.

de ce?

pentru ca ma uit in spate si il vad. pe canapea, intins. si merita.

ma cuprinde acea liniste deplina si ii spun soptit din privire ca il iubesc.

and it’s about finding the perfect soundtrack. prepare a great environment in your home and think about what it’s expecting you and what you have. you only want to know who you are and who’s next to you. not for going further but for finding where you are and what you want. looking around. peace. the cat is sleeping. your boyfriend is sleeping and in the mostly silence you find your peace and happiness that you are there. near him, whom loves you, takes care of you and wants you in those bad moments when you are ugly, sick, angry, you name it… but you do not see this always. you see those moments when him doesn’t want to, doesn’t have the mood to go or come or laugh. and here you are, making him complete, putting a smile on his face, the soul peace he needs and the wish of going further.
together. because you are nothing one without another.
now when all this thoughts come and go through your mind, you listen music in your headphones and see in the candle and lamp light that what sun cannot give you. why? because it does not do the same shadows and it does not bright your view to see the truth. it just tells you stories with the joy and colours from your surroundings.
melancholy ones would say…bacovia others. not even eminescu would know.
but the song changed into your headphones and it changes your mood as well…and guess what. it does play good
it playes about the good. surrounded by bils, worries and closed worlds I decided to rise up my head and make some courage about all what I have around me.
because I am looking behind and i see him. on the couch. lying down. and it’s worth it.
I am overwhelmed about the peace and with my wispering eyes I say…i love you

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