Black Friday choises

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Hi ladies,

You all know, I think, the moment when it’s starting all that euphoria for Christmas. I just love it!

Can’t wait all my house to be christmasy <3. Today I played the first Christmas song for this year and it made me feel like a child thinking of snow, lots of kisses and love.

Christmas tree, presents, friends, good food and lots of joy….yeeeyyy !!! ❤

By the way..What ideas for presents do you have?

Keep in touch and I will share with you some very soon 😀

But, till then, we have tomorrow big day of shopping. This year on Black Friday, I decided to not buy much / something. I realized that all this marketing around this day, is to much for me in this point of my life. But, if you wanna enjoy it, you are most then welcomed.

You can choose some shopping ideas from the my fav. sites which are just down bellow.

Enjoy my dears :*








For all this websites, you can require delivery for where you live because  most of them are worldwide:)

Happy shopping girls,