Christmas Preparation

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Hi hi girls,

I was missing to write you a lot. My crazy life is going me nuts with all its this Uni things. But, I love it in the same time.

So, let’s not waste your precious time, and chatty chat about our Christmas prep.

I think we all remember with a big elephant smile our childhood when we were little goblins around the Christmas tree, jumping all around it and waiting for Santa since last Christmas already. :))…You do? You too?…Oh God..miss those days so so so much. ❤

Now, because we all are grownups (sarcastic :” yeah…right :D” )…we dream at the perfect, elegant, joyful and best Christmas dinner in a most special house…your house…your home.

(If I could, I would write a letter to my dear home…I love you! Can’t wait to turn the key every day and enter to such a peaceful and lovely place.

Because we do not want to rush things and have the ornaments we want, we start earlier to develop the perfect idea of christmasy feeling of our home. There are more then lots of choices to take. So lets start the list, my pretty ones.

1-The color/s of the Christmas tree -mine: red with golden shades

2-The type of the ornaments(new style, vintage, cosy or what ever/ just to be Christmas themed  )- mine: new style combined with vintage

3-Find out from which shops which give you the quality vs price suitable for your already thought budget

4-Think where you would like to combine the ornaments becouse maybe you need some nails and a hammer (I did need them :D)

5-Happy shopping !

P.S: Lots of thanks to my great boyfriend who supported my craziness in decorating our house till I liked it (and still didn’t finish :D)

OK, now my girls, down bellow I would like you to share the ideas I find all around regarding decoration and which totally inspired me.

Enjoy ! :*… I personally love them 🙂