Thoughts & Outfit of the day

Today like every day of the week, I needed to go to the University. As student life requires, we need to be in time with everything…work, life, study and so on. Well, I do not pretty much think that any of the teachers care about our personal issues or even if we have a personal life. They just want us to take care of our studies so we have further more a job.

This is an another story ! 😀

Myself and I decided long time ago…”girl, you need to take care of yourself! ”

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve done by being careful how do I present myself. When we are young we need to sell ourselves very well in order to have a good life. Am I right ? …Nowadays, nobody will  just come and give you a job good enough  if you do not now how to put yourself out there. So, we are the product…our qualities and what we know to do best.

From this idea, my life changed. Started to look more for myself and my studies. Figured out what I like to do and what I want from my future and slowly I am taking down tasks from my life list. ( I do not have one stable list…but updated one, day by day/year by year).

Starting with my personal style, was a big challenge. All those girls out there made me confused :D.

From sporty girl with jeans and just a t-shirt to elegant style, always on heels were like 4 years difference.

Well yes, my dear, for some of takes time 😀

Maturity completed me with a bright view about how I actually feel/ want people to see me: serious but with humor and to not forget, elegant in the same time. I like fashion and I like to take care of my image strong enough to talk about it now, when I am at the Uni and having study things to do :D.

My Uni outfits and more , which could come in your day to day help, I intend to show post by post as often as possible. And this is a promise ! 🙂  Down below you can see my today’s outfit. It’s very comfy and I like it a lot. Being here from morning to late in the evening, I prefer as much comfort as possible but in the same time, to look good and sort of elegant. 🙂

I am wearing:

H&M – Fitted denim shirt

H&M – Large wool jumper


BIANCO – CP The Shorty SON15 Ankle Boots (2015 collection)

MAKEUP – Natural makeup

IMG_1588                                         IMG_1589




IMG_1590 Xoxo,




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