Busy days outfits


All day at the office/college/university?…Of course!!!!

Well, my girls, what do we do then? What we wear so we won’t be those awful bitches because we wear high heels and our feet hurt like you want to murder someone, or those beautiful cloths are so uncomfortable after 5 hours and you still need to be gone for another 5.

For those of you who are in my situation (described already) I came up with some outfit ideas which might come into your help. For sure it works for me, and hope it will do the same great job for you as well.


  •             H&M -jumper
  •             Zara -shirt
  •              Pieces -Black jeans













  •                 H&M-jumper
  •                 H&M-Shirt (boys selection)
  •                VeroModa – black jeans




Because it’s Denmark and still cold(like very cold), I don’t think that soon I will renounce at my warm jacket. So, I wanted to share with you guys, my beloved winter piece that I am in loved with. “No cold shall pass” I would call it …hahaha 😀

It’s a  VeroModa jacket and I totally recommend it! I am wearing it without the fur attached and I washed it several times and still looks like new. This is my second winter with my friend in cause. 😀









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