Curly hair ❤️

From a long time now, I wanted to curl my hair. I love the volume it gets and how it looks .

I have pretty long and straight hair! No… You maybe do not understand, my dear… STRAIGHT!!! 😢😭 . I mean, I love my hair but come on….I bit of curliness does not hurt 😀.

Ok, so, I’ve been using 30 min of my life and a Remington curl iron. ( you find the link below) .

The result met my expectation and I love it. After more than 24 hours and a good night sleep, I still have my beloved curls and enjoying the time with them till I will wash my hair 😂.

I totally recomand this iron and I trust it every time when I have hard work (style) to do.

Remington CI5319 :




If you will use it yourself, don’t forget to send me photos ❤