Should you / shouldn’t you wear boys cloths ?

Do you think that anyone would notice?
Believe me, they will not! If you have the correct attitude, wearing boys cloths it becomes sexy actualy and can help you.

How?…for exemple, I do not worry anymore that I will not have anything to wear even if my closet is full of cloths. Couse let’s be honest, every girl has this feeling.

The answer is YES! You should wear menly cloths. I do and, I like it very much. Maybe you should try it as well :). I am sure you will do just fine and feel very well about your ourtfits.
Things you should remember when you choose to wear boys cloths:
1. Don’t forget your sexy attitude home

2. It’s preferable to have high hells to have the girly touch of the outfit

3. Makeup and hair should be perfect(makeup: nude and red lipstick/cateyes with coloured lipstick so you do not fall in the extreme of a boring look and hair: straightened, curly or how like to wear it but shouldn’t be forgotten)

4. Don’t let the manly look to take over the entire outfit. Don’t loose yourself in the comfy zone . It’s not the image you wanna let others to see

5. Combine only one (max. 2) pieces of clothing from the man’s store but the rest should be totaly feminine…totaly you.
Down below you can see my fav outfit when ” I have nothing to wear” kind of day.
I am wearing :

  • H&M shirt – men’s section
  • H&M cardigan – dark blue
  • VeroModa pants – black
  • Bianco Boots – dark grey




Don’t forget to share with me your experience and opinions.