OMG! Did you know this ?

Did you know coconut oil has as many benefits as you cannot count ? Did you know that is a miraculous food ? But what about a miraculous cosmetic? 

Then, let me tell you… I was amaized when I heard all the details from the next video. After more research I’ve seen the truth and started to include it in my daily use as cosmetic and food. You , my dear, should do the same. 😊

I was amaized how I feel after only 2 days of use. I put it as a table spoon in my coffee/tea 2 times/ day. In this period of time because of season changing I really need some energy boost and it gave it to me. My memory and attention at University it’s more accurate . I would compare it to a sponge which absorbs everything. ✌🏻️

I could continue for some hours of discription .

As a cosmetic, coconut oil it’s used as everything. Makeup remover, moisturizer, wrincles cream, hair treatment. And I love it. I really feel that I don’t need something else for my body then this. (Note: I have combination to oily skin)

Whatch this guy (from the link below)for more shoking info about this miraculous oil. 

Coconut oil & our health

Don’t forget to share with me your impressions and thoughts before/after using it.