Cheap and fun dye mini-project

Let me ask you something…How often did you raved for someting new in your house? but guess what, you did not have the money or simply you did not find that useful object you miss as a decoration.

I propose you to have fun and a great time with your boyfriend/ friends/girlfriends, etc.

In the same situation like you, I was and I very often am. 

I am that kind of strange human being that gets bored very fast of some home decorations. I have lots but still, I miss many :)))). What I could find in stores, eighter were so expensive that I said ” pass” or I just did not find something on my own taste regarding house decorations. (oh, come on, I am not so hard to please…I hope! 😀 )

The solution for this is simple to do and cheap as well.

My ideas were well appreciated by my boyfriend and friends and  made me think that are not that bad. 😀

So, I decided to share them with you guys. Really hope that they will be helpful for you and will make a great environment along with your other things.

Just enjoy and have fun !


1.News box




2. Eyeliner holder




3. Beautify everyday toilet



If you liked them, don’t forget to share with me your result and  give the post a like and share so we can come in everybody’s help. 😊






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