Fresh and Ready with Majirel 6.1

Spring/summer came finally and I am more than glad to welcome it with a fresh start and full of energy.

I waited from a long time now for a change and I didn’t know what I actually want.

For a woman, the most easy thing to do (in the client’s position) is to change the hair color. But which color? What hair cut? Ombre or not? …oh, so much struggle. 😀

I am lucky enough to have a great hairdresser. She gave me exactly what I wanted without knowing what I want. And that’s AWESOME ! (Denisa Nitu)

I was a red haired and know, after a few hours of hard work  it looks more than great.







She used Wella Blich and Majirel 6.1 color from L’oreal.



I would be very happy to know your opinion and your experiences about hair color change.

Now I am ready for  much work and posts for you 😀

Stay tuned for the next surprise !