NYE outfit and style

The big question, right? What should I wear? What style should I approch? How my makeup should be?

GOD!! Help me!

Well, I did not know what should I wear till the moment I did put some clouths on. With no ideas and no preparations before , because I was working a lot this period, I just had a shower and in front of my mirror started to put the makeup and the rest.

How was the finished look?…like this:

-smokey eyes with touches of purple and wet look

-elegant, yet, very comfy outfit




Now the big secret:

Who can tell you that you cannot be fancy in SH clouths is more than wrong. Besides the shoes(casual stiletto) and belt(H&M, 2015), all the outfit costs no more than 6 euros. Yes yes, you heard me well.

The shirt is a great, soft silk. I chose to wear it backwords to be more interesting and give a special effect for the hole style.

The skirt though is a hard material and guess what?!… it’s made in West Germany, so, do count the years. Preserved in a very good condition gave the outfit a great elegant touch. I am sure that the women in that period worn it in an another way than me.  Ha ha ha… but, let’s face it, fashion changes and in the same time goes around n’around with small differences. At leat, this is my opinion.

Let me know about you with pictures if you like on #littletod. I am sure you were gorgeous.