Tea time , girls? 

It might be. I personaly believe that tea time can be anytime.

As a tea and coffee drinker( huge addict) I turn my animal instincs on in front of those huge and nasty shelves from the supermarket. Muhahaha😎😎😎

I am curious how normal people are doing it. Just choose a brand of coffee/ tea without even looking or how ? 

Not my case, anyways. I just get lost in my thoughs 😂. I am checking smells, strenght, flavours, packiging  and at the end price. I could stay all day there and touch each item. ( I am a monster… coffee/tea monster) 

Therefore, my last capture is a great pack of tea. It has a great look. After I finish it, I can use the box in more than one ways, which is great. The flavours and smell are awesome. 

It was love at first smell/look. ❤

I bought this from my favourite site:


Great delivery and packing. Love them and their products.  Specialy when they have sales, are the best😀👍🏻
Let me know what do you  enjoy most drinking and which brand do you love buying. I am up to try new things…