December Favorites

First question from the time when we were kids , in 25th December was…What did Santa brought you this year?

I love Christmas. All the fuzz and the preparations so everything should be perfect, because the grandma, the aunt, the cat, the who knows whom is coming, drives me crazy.

But choosing that perfect gift for your loved ones it’s a treasure. Sometimes is like looking after a small species of fish in a see full of sharks…nightmare, and other times, I enjoy it because I make “special interviews” to each one of them and discover what they would like.

I do love though to search perfect gifts for my boyfriend. I could spend days for it. I create in my mind that moment when he unpacks his presents and love to see his happy face.

There are situations all over, different than mine, or the same and I am thankful that I do have that someone in my life for which the struggle becomes a pleasure.

Therefore my luvs, it seems that 2016 was a great year for me. Santa basically spoiled me at the highest level.

oohh boy…I LOve Santa!…don’t you? 😀

The presents I got from my dearest, instantly became my all time favorites. And I will show you why…

1st of all…I got 3 perfect packed presents.

The story short:

  • a perfume ( the masterpiece)
  • makeup brushes ( long time craved)
  • makeup pallet ( needed so much that I didn’t even realize that I need it…if this somehow makes sense)


TADAM …(drums beating )



img_1753Marc Jacobes – DIVINE DECADENCE (link)

Let me tell you, smells insanely perfect! Not too sweet/not too fresh and it has its romance aroma with a bit of elegant freshness. LOVELY!





ddVICE Pallet from UrbanDecay- (link)

Speechless !  I totally recommend it!

The shades lasts all day and they are very pigmented. The colors are very beautiful and can create many looks with it.



img_1758RealTechniques makeup brushes-doesn’t even need comments, right?

I craved for this for a long time, but, every time I did had the money I chose to spend them in million other ways. Santa gave me the Eye brushes Starter Kit, Brow brushes and the LimitedEdition YourPicks/Berlin.


Let me know your opinion about this products, which is your experience with them and I would like to know your favorite, as well.