Thursday look

My dears, these days I was thinking that it might be an interest point for you if I will do a 1 day trial for the VICE Pallete from UrbanDecay.

I love this pallete so much that I will share with you all the possibilities that I encounter in making makeup looks that you might enjoy as well.

Being almost weekend, I thought that I may spice things a little and create a more colored look that I usually do.

I am not very much into putting a lot of colors in my eyes makeup. I like  as simple and clean as possible so I have a good range of possibilities in doing my outfit afterwards.

In future posts, I will tell you how I think my hole look (outfit&makeup). So, stay tuned for more secrets. 🙂


Therefore…my eyes makeup is created like this in the morning(around 9 a.m.)




Neutrogena face cream

Nivea Sensitive aftershave( stolen from my boyfriend, and it works wonders)

Foundation: RimmelLondon, Lasting finish in shade Ivory

No baking my makeup.

Mascara- Maxfactor False lash effect, in black

Brows: Maybelline , MasterBrow-ProPallete, in soft brow



Vice Pallete from UrbanDecay


1- on the lid

2-on the upper side of the lid

3- half the lid starting with the outer corner of the eye

4- just to give a bit of more deep look in the outer corner of the lid

5-half the lid starting with inner corner of the eye

3 + 6 – under eye

Blend all to not have sharp lines in your makeup, and you are ready with the eyes. 🙂


  • Good job, girl ! –


During the day, all what I noticed is the wonderful shades I got on my eyes. Nothing more than that. The pallete is doing it’s job properly, I would say. The shades did not fade during the day, and didn’t make lines on the lid, as I normaly have with previous palletes( ex: GOSH, Naked2)

I am totally satisfied and it does worth to invest your money in.


around 3 p.m


Now, let me amaze you with how my makeup looked late in the evening before I started to took it off. This was, around 9 p.m. So, after 12 hours of wearing it, without problems or worrying that something did fall off.



Therefore…Amazed enough?

I sure am. I am totally into this pallete and I will eat it’s life out till the last dust!


Hope you enjoyed my experience and this post will help you.

Let me know what you think/opinions/comments and what experience did you had with Vice till now.





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