Monday huh?! …

I recently read, while drinking my coffee( the 2nd one), something very interesting and put me in overthinking.

The line is this ” Mondays don’t suck, your job does.”

wow…blowed my mind off. But it might be right…or not. I am the skeptic one (always).

I love mornings and in any other day of the week. I feel that I want to weak up us morning as possible and while every one is still sleeping, enjoy my coffee and make plans for the day.


Though,this is not happening in Monday mornings…why? because I am too tired from the weekend job and even if I would not work, my brain knows that Sunday is WEEKEND and t won’t sleep till late in the night…and the chain of events can continue so in the next morning me, myself and I to be dead tired .

I love what I am doing, I love writing , I love studying Constructions and working in this business but, come on people….MONDAY IS MONDAY and let me be.

Therefore, live your days as happy as you can, doing those activities that you love and don’t let anyone to stop you from loving yourself.

What about you?… what do you think about Mondays and how this is working for you?

I am waiting for your comments and opinions, down below. :*




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