Makeup of the day


Today I had been busy in the morning and chose to create a simple makeup and fast enough so I can go out quickly.

Had 15 min to do it and guess what ?!

Maybe it was the first time in my life when I actually used only 15 min for makeup…now that’s the success of the day, in my vision. 😀

What I used are in my usual basis routine.


Neutrogena face cream

Nivea Sensitive aftershave( stolen from my boyfriend, and it works wonders)

Foundation: RimmelLondon, Lasting finish in shade Ivory

No baking my makeup.

Mascara- Maxfactor False lash effect, in black

Brows: Maybelline , MasterBrow-ProPallete, in soft brow

Noting new till now

Today I tried shades of pink, and I never used it before thinking that this  only fits for blonds with beautiful big blue eyes…nothing much more wrong! … I like it a lot. It’s crazy but I will definitely use it more.

Therefore… this is the call for action…VICE from Urban Decay is my VIP


1-all over the lid

2-half of the lid, starting with the outer corner

3-the other half of the lid, starting with the inner corner

4-inner corner

5-outer corner of the eye, giving it a nice touch of shadow

In the end the black line is made with a black old eyeliner.

15 min past…and the makeup is ready …just some cloths and I am good to go and solve the day.

Hope you like it. Don’t forget to share your opinion and like



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