Cook with me

Don’t you feel that you would eat a soup?…don’t you?

of course you do…I did as well.

Yesterday I was cooking a very fast and tasty soup with vegetables and a bit of meat.

Awesome !

Because I was in a lack of time but still hungry, I decided to take from the freezer the pack with frozen vegetables, an onion from the cabinet and a spoon of oil( what cooking oil you have in the kitchen is just perfect). Condiments I used are: persile, basil, salt and pepper.

Cut the meat in small pieces …and we are ready.

Enjoy the movie below and see step by step how I did it.

-put a spoon of oil

-the cutted onion is taking a gold color now

-put the frozen vegetables

-for them to boil it needs some water 😀

-put the meat

-let them boil for 20 min

-check the meat if it’s ready…if yes, put the condiments

-turn off the heat and voila…your soup is ready !



Hope you enjoyed , if so, like and share and don’t forget to tell us your opinion.





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