New series

My dear all, 

I was thinking today how I might be helpful for you and how my experiences did influence my life in a good way. 

It all started 2012, spring, when I decided along with my boyfriend to move from our home country and make a life in Denmark.

Many situations and people I meat, changed my life. I will tell you everything you want to know and need to know, in my future posts and hopefully you can make wide and strong idea about moving in Denmark or another country.

Denmark, it might be easy for some, but not so much for others. But if you make a promise to yourself, that you will be fine no matter what and nothing will distract you from your goal, you can and will succeed anywhere you are.

It was a big success for me(us) and hopefully in next years I will make my love ones proud.

I do intend to make a series of posts about how I came in Denmark and how my social and professional life is here, as a foreigner. All the bad and good I encountered you will find out and maybe who knows…when you, my dear, will decide to visit/move in here, you will know what to expect and what is expected from you.

I am still dealing with the sequence of my posts regarding the topics so if you have questions and subjects you want to find out, please feel free to write me (private or comment below).







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