Should we move?..yes/no

This happened in early 2012 while I was a Finance and Banking student in my home country. If I liked it there? well…I did and didn’t because of all changes that happened in that period and me being so young I created in my mind the illusion that all is pink and pink is all. It wasn’t like that of course and all the noise made by the bad things I reached to the conclusion…I need a change, a big one that will turn my life 180 degrees.

Friends were already here in Denmark and one specially took care for all the details I needed to make the decision. Hours of talking and not so much research by my own on the internet or so(I wasn’t a big fan of the internet those days) told me the same…GO AWAY AND TRY.

My boyfriend was trying to find his way in that period as well…therefore, he was up to this change and more, very happy that we are considering it.

How things happened, I didn’t realized ..everything was so fast that suddenly I was in the position … OMG I am going abroad. Did not know exactly what that meant but what was for sure, was that in few months I needed to have my stuff packed and ticket bought for one way with arrival in Denmark.

How do you manage your parents?

Hmm…depends on your parents, I guess. 😀

Mine were not so happy, I need to admit it. I am the only child and they always thought that I need to go on the line with others to have a good life. If you come from a culture in which parents are very attached with their children and taking care of them till they marry, living in the same apartment/house and they have (more or less) the last word regarding your carrier/actions …well, you are screwed, as I was.

My luck was though, that I had a bit more opened minded parents and they let me to choose for my life but in the same time, implemented in my mind ideas that were not necessarily for myself. In the early 20s, I only knew that I want a strong carrier and a good financial statement that I would not to have money problems and that was it. What segment/industry I would like to have a job in, not only a clue. Therefore, they advised me at their best. The problem was…I wanted more and I knew that I can more. I am stubborn, I suppose. (and that’s a good thing, right? 😀 )

And here we are, at the same table, trying to make them understand that I want to leave. This was equal with a graveyard, crying out for the dead and a total funeral. My dad though, understood first and made my mother to accept my decision. He knew it will be hard for me but he trusted me and my way of doing things. After one month, my mom said yes…yeeeeyyy. It was my perfect day, that day! I could not believe it.

In the meantime, while I was in negotiations with my mom, my boyfriend and I applied to VIA University College, Horsens for International Sales and Marketing Management program. I was accepted and everything was according to our plan. Life was great! Couldn’t wait to step out from the line and say…hey guys, here I am! We did it!

Yeps, this was my dream…craving for more and did not let it go for either a second. Now I am in Denmark since 2012, almost finishing my Bachelor in Architectural Technology and Construction Management.

Everything changed from the day I got stubborn to leave home.

Everything including me…




All in all, my dears, follow your dreams. Only you know what is best for you. Do your research and be stubborn about your wishes.

Dream big…be bigger..






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