What did I buy today?

My luvs, today I was so into shopping like a crazy bug bite aching . 😀 You know that feeling right?


As it was not so nice outside and anyway having stuff to do in the city center, why not check the cosmetics are from there?…right?. I mean, how can you not put your nose to smell all the discounts in this period.

My eyes were like a puppy’s. Shining and raving to see all those goodies. 😀

Even if a woman has enough makeup, still is something missing. And that’s for sure!

In my case, the same old story. Have but still want.

I created in my mind the illusion that I need that and that and thaaaaaat !! Therefore, I found myself in the middle of the store with my basket full ( OK, not quite, but you understand the irony).

There are five items I settled to. Sometimes I do have the bad intention to lie myself so I can feel better after I am doing some shopping mistakes. :))

My lies about today’s items are real and very well thought. I promise you!

I bought Dove DermaSpa because you know, I need a bit of shine and a nice shade of my skin even if it’s winter. I wanted to try this from a long time, but always forgot to buy it. Not today!




Moreover, I found this special offer from Maybelline and bought 2 foundations. One in my skin tone and one a shade darker since I might become a bit brownish color in the rest of the body. I do not apply usually tanners on my face. I do have oily skin and I am a bit afraid of spots.




OOhhh…wait, I did not finish :D. Look, I did have no nail polish on my nails. How could I skip such an important detail? I didn’t, of course, and I bought a black color for my nails. I did not have it in my small collection and I was looking to buy one since last week. And today was the big day.


I needed a good eyeliner. I do have one, from Maybelline, the drama liner type but honestly I do not like it. Maybe, I do not know how to use it but still…it’s drying so fast I cannot apply it on the lid as I would like to. I found this eyeliner, and it’s very good one, actually. It’s not expensive and it works wonders. I promise to make a full review about it, as I am so pleased how it looks like when applied.




So, my dears, this was my list from today’s shopping.

Can’t wait to read your comments/opinions about this items or more.





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