Eyeliner is now my VIP

I bought the other days an eyeliner, see post “What did I buy today?“. Now I am using it instead of Maybelline Drama one. Why?…because for me that one just doesn’t work. To understand me better, for me it’s important to have enough time in contouring my eyes and Maybelline one, is too dry. It wasn’t tried before or opened but  this item I got doesn’t make a good combination with my skin and my way of doing things 😀

Therefore, I was looking for a replacement. Going the other day shopping, I found something not expensive as price, and I thought I should give it a try. I mean, considering the amount of money paid for it, I did not have anything to lose. The product is from Essence , called Dip eyeliner. I chose to buy the water proof one because now in Denmark the weather is very wet and windy sometimes, and my eyes are “waterish” all the time(basically, I am crying a lot when I am out).


The packaging looks good, and normal. Nothing fancy but in the same time, really easy to use. Perfect for my hands, honestly. It had a small and reliable wand from some kind of smooth sponge( as I could see). And the bottle, has enough liquid for a long period to use.

Now, the most important part. The eyeliner, is in black. But not only this, is in matte black, which I love. It stayed more than 12 hours in perfect shape on my lids without any movement and the same intensity. I would not believe it if I would not see it by myself.

It is very easy to create any looks with it. It’s perfect to shape your eyes covering the previous eye shadows (this was my big problem with Maybelline eyeliner) .

I totally recommend it for you to try. It’s not expensive and you can rely on this product being where and how it should be, for all day long.



Give it a try and let me know how it works for you.

I am waiting your opinions/comments down below.






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