Which gonna be the next step ?

OK, I am in Denmark and now what?..

Honestly I was overwhelmed because I didn’t leave my country before for more than 2/3 days and always with my parents in some small trips for some family meetings. Therefore, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect or what will happen.

To know from the start. Denmark is an expensive country. Rent and living is not cheap and to have it all, as a foreigner is not easy. And of course, I want them all.

There are 2 options, either you rent a room in the University’s campus either you live in an apartment in the city center or so. There are agencies which can help you with finding accommodation in the city like 1(2/3) room apartment (I did not know about their existence till some months ago,). And, their priority is to help students and the apartments are specially rented for them because you can stay there only on the period you study.

I moved in with my boyfriend and a friend of mine, at first to be easier with the rent and all the accommodation to the Danish life. Afterwards, I moved with my partner in crime. :). For moving in anew apartment it is needed to be paid a deposit of 3 months of rent+the rent for the 1st month.

Sites to look out:



New home in 2013home-2




In the meantime, we were studying and working in the same time so we can afford our lives here. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

The Danish system, offers the possibility, to work by day to different companies and you get your salary every 2 weeks. They call, you answer, and if your schedule is free and can work in that specific day, then it’s perfect. There are times, when the school schedule is so full (specially before exams) and it is needed to cut the work from the daily routine and just study, which was as well fine for the agency. They have many students or people coming in here just for work, and they will send those who can instead of you. This type of agency is called Vikar (en.tr. temporary). There might be job offers for more than 1 day, sometimes.

Now, let me make it clear, these jobs can be in many industries. If Danish language isn’t one of the tongues you speak, then those jobs will be mainly in warehouses in the food, textile, house appliances, etc. sector. And you could do: cleaning, orders packing, wrapping presents, and prepare orders for being loaded in trucks and transport to the delivery.

It’s not hard, it’s just 90% physical work. The work is done by young people and very often colleagues from the University will be your work buddies. šŸ™‚ Which is very cool. The network you can do, it might be amazing if you are a peopleā€™s person.

The payment is according how much you work…how many days/week and which shift you are working on. On the day shift 7.00-15.00 is less than the evening shift 15.00-23.00, but not a big difference (2/3 kr in addition to the day shift salary). And this also depends of the company you were sent to work for.







Very often, if not always, your job will be in another city that the one you are living in. As my case, as well, I am working sometimes at 60 km away from home. Which is totally fine. Here people are doing it often. The highway is full all the time, and traffic is fluent so no worries. The agency will provide you transport. Some of other temporary workers will have a car, and you will get the drivers tel nr for contact.

I was doing all this steps from theĀ beginning. I am totally into my financial independence from my parents since my 20s, when I came in Denmark. It’s hard sometimes to combine school with work but you get used with it.

When you realize how much you have grown up in few months and all that overwhelming is going away, you will feel much more confident and much more adult.

Sometimes it was that hard that I could not see the light in the tunnel but all the bad is going to be good someday.

I would totally choose the same hard path. It made me what I am today and never give up to my dreams. Being positive helps more than anything else.

It always was somehow why should worry that it wouldn’t.

The amount of tiredness will maybe make you say stop and that should be ok. But please, in the next day go further and think again your options. You never know how much will help you a good thought.

My advice is to never give up. Even if you are in Denmark or not. Foreigner’s life is not easy but for sure it can be the most satisfying from them all. The happiness it can bring you even if you just accomplished one step of your dream becoming true it is much valuable when you know that you, of all, could do it by yourself,surrounded by other friends than your childhood ones/parents which helped you.

No, it was just you, and you are awesome!



If you have stories to tell, let us know in the comments section. Can’t wait to read your experience in Denmark / The World.






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