Oatmeal love

Since two months ago I decided that I need to eat healthier and lose some weight. Sports is not a usual activity for me as I do not have much time for it. But, at least to take care about my meals I can do. 

I changed my fridge content. I got only vegetables and many fruits, plus, I added oatmeal in my daily cooking. At first it was a bit strange but then, I just could not stop. Therefore, I am writing you today about an oatmeal biscuits which I totally love. 

I do need some extra sugar in the day time but I do not want to buy some sugary things from the store. I discovered lots of receipes  on the internet and I adapted one of them to my own pleasures in life. 


1 egg

250 g  white floor

150 g oatmeal flakes

1cup brown sugar

2/3 tbs honney

3 tbs milk

I put all the ingredients in one bowl. And mix them till the oatmeal flakes were well steeped in honey and in all the mixture. Took small pieces and smash them in a biscuit round shape. 

Prepare the ovn with 2/3 min before at 180 degrees. Let the biscuits bake for 10 min on 180 degrees. My ovn had the fan on all this time. 


Your healthy snack is ready. Easy as that.

 They are perfect when you need some sweets or just enjoy them with coffee/tea. 

Let me know how did you like it.



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