Hair care

As I do have long hair, I considered to make a post about my struggles. I do not want to complain, obviously, I can short it anytime(never!) :))

I love my hair and love to take care of it.

But first things first. My hair is dye in a brown-ish color. I started to dye it since 2 years ago. I was redhead, bleached it in a strange blonde :)), and now I am almost my natural hair color, as mentioned before.

If I would advice you to change your color…hmm, hard to tell. I did it because I was so into changes that I could not held it anymore. I was curious how that feels when I have another hair color. That feeling goes away and you remain with your hair damaged. I know that now there are many dye formulas and the producers say “oh, don’t worry, no damage will happen”…bulshit! I tried L’oreal, Garnier, Syos, supermarket and professional one. The same result…the hair breackage happend no matter what. Lots of conditioner and hair care and just an improving I could notice.

Maybe I am expecting too much and just accept the fact that my hair will not ever be the same.

I was telling you about some improuvements. And the best ones are happeing with affordable products which I love.

IMG_2532 (1).JPG

I wash my hair every 2 to 3 days, depending if I have some meetings or just stay and work from home. My favourite shampoo is from Tresemme, Vibrant Naturals. It washes my hair very well, has a smooth smell of aloe vera and the avocado oil makes my hair a bit glowy and stronger. Therefore, ladies and gentlemant, I totaly recommend this product.

Sometimes I use a conditioner for hair color but not so often. That’s why I did not pictured it. Now, I prefer to have a strong and healthy hair, and I am trying to use products which are going in this direction.

After washing my hair I do keep it for few min in a towel. Some people say that is not well to do this but for my hair I need to. I have dense hair and being heavy when it’s wet, I need to put all that water somewhere. 😀

Taking the towel off, I do not brush my hair. And this is very important. From my experience, if I do it, the hair is very sensible and fragile, therefore, more hair will be on the brush. Try to do it after you blow it/dry it 100% or at least 80%. You will notice a big difference. I did, and I am happy about the results.

Before using the hairdryer, I spray the hair with Sunsilk Co-Creations. Do not do it on the scalp. Being a conditioner which can be use on wet/dry hair, will be annoing if after few hours already your hair should be washed again.

Drying my hair with head down, helps to have more volume and it dries quicker.

Just one more step, and we are ready to go !

As last part of mu hair care, I use Hair Mist from Rapunzel of Sweden. It’s perfect for any type of hair. It helps me to have a great look on any type of weather, my hair does not frizz and it gives an awesome smell. It feels smooth, looks shiney and stays, as I wish, natural position in a very caring way.

Therefore my ladies and gentleman, you are more than welcomed to try all these products. I recommend them on any type of hair.




Let me know what experience you have with your hair care products. Maybe I will as well try them.





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