Makeup story

Today I had a very busy day. I made a new design of a lucky bracelet. Love till now the result, but you know, every time it can be better.

As I did need to prepare mysef for a city walk and business to do , I made a makeup look for the day.

I worked on with Vice Pallete from Urban Decay, my fav base and all time fav eyeliner.



For base I used:

Neutrogena face cream

Nivea Sensitive aftershave( stolen from my boyfriend, and it works wonders)

Foundation: RimmelLondon, Lasting finish in shade Ivory

No baking my makeup.

Mascara- Maxfactor False lash effect, in black

Brows: Maybelline , MasterBrow-ProPallete, in soft brow

For EYES – Vice Pallete & Essence Dip Eyeliner





-discreet(inner corner)

-bitter(half to outer corner)




















Hope you enjoyed it and can’t wait to read your comments.




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