Sillisponge LOve

Did you get sick with your time spent on washing the makeup brushes/beauty blender?…(I for sure, did)

I know right? All the time it needs to take like forever to take care of the sanitar things.

From now on, I change my way of makeup living. I am using Sillisponge in order to be happy in every way.

In my opinion, it’s a life changer if you do not have time and want to save lots of product, therefore money.

I fall in love all the way. Feels very well and I am not wasting any of the product using on my face.

You can find it here


To be much more simple, read below:



-washing in few seconds,

-drying in less then few seconds

-no foundation(products) waste

-very confortable to use

-great shape which helps you to put product in the eye area



  • personaly, I did not find any yet


Give it a try, I am sure you will be very satisfied, as I am.


Stay tuned for next surprizes.





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