Clean&Clear, OH…my dear!

There I am with my face full of spots. When I say full, believe me…every 3/4 cm of my face was covered in at least one spot. What kind? Well, every kind.

I am sure that you all had a period like this in your life. Specially when you are a teenager and your hormones are going crazy.

In my situation, it was the same. Being a young girl it’s not easy. At least in my case, never was. When one spot was gone, the other one came in quickly. Maybe they were doing a race or something on my face.

My skin type is a special one, believe me…and not in a good way. I do own more than one type, like: oily with combination skin in the T-zone with sensitve skin type all over.

If I do make any sense to you…Please read more.

Back in time, being in my homecountry I was using something from the farmacy called “Clerasil”. The composition was packed in a yellow small bottle with hidious blue everage label. It cost aprox 3 euros. BUT…it was my salvation. That thing just took off all my spots by night. I am not joking! On a clean face I just put small amounts of solution and waking up just cleaned the face normaly with a bit of water and that was it.

It was a blast that few years in now, didn’t have any problems with face. ANY!!! No spots, no oil problems, and so on…This, till 2 month ago, when it happened. It just didn’t feel my face anymore.: oily all the time, full of spots around the mouth, on the cheeks, on the nose and specially on the forehead.

Does it sound familiar to you?

For me it was age 16 all over again.

I tried more crazy salvations. Obviously, I just forgot about the miracle solution from the time I had the same problem. And what I did?

What really worked for me there were few things:

1-washing my face with Clean&Clear(morning and night)

2-put a mask of sodium bicabornate(once a day very light, touching my skin with it and let it dry for a few minutes, after that, with a very smooth sponge, remove that sodium dast)

3-putting a clean t-shirt/towel on my pillow every night

All this treatment, was done every day and night for 3 weeks. It worked wonders. After I’ve noticed that the spots are starting to go off, I did not put anymore sodum bicarbonate mask only once a week. Therefore, in the 1st week of treatment, I did it 4 times and in the last two weeks, just once per week. It is very important to not dry too much your skin and be very sensitive with it.

I do continue to use every day Clean&Clear even my spots are gone now. It healps me a lot. Daily washing unclogs pores and clears skin to prevent the spots. It’s my saver and all time washing solution from now on.






Why? well…

-does not dry skin

-it’s very gentle

-prevents spots

-clears the skin very well

-washing it off it’s a joy, being so light, goes off quickly

-no smell

-perfect for any age

I think this  reasons are enough for me. What about you?

You can find their products here

Let me know in the comments bellow what treatment do you use for your face.





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