Are you hungry?

Oh dear, I am struggling with my stomach since I know myself :))…If there is a way in saying this.

I am hungry all the time. At least, This is what I did notice till now. I could eat every day, from fruits to meat 😀

This is not really helping me to handle my weight. That’s for sure. But then, I dicovered a great receipe which is working for me. Fills my belly and no hungriness for half a day or so.

What you need:



-1 banana

-2 cups of oatmeal

How you do it:

Break the banana in 2-3 pieces. Pour the outmeal into the blender together with the banana. Pour the milk slowly till you slightly make a cover on everything. Start the blender to mix everything and voila. A great healthy and satisfying meal is ready.

Tips: Put the banana pieces in the blender first and then the outmeal. It will be much easier to see till where you need to put the milk.


​I do enjoy this every much and if you follow me on Instagram, you could notice that I put some pictures about this.

The receipe is perfect if you are dealing with a diaet as well.

I do advice you to have it in the morning for breakfast as it gives you great energy  🙂





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