Healthy breackfast and morning routine

Not long time ago, I started to eat healthier than I used to. I introduced many cereals and vegetables in my every day diet. The result?…well, it’s great. I feel more energized, more alive and my skin was this great, only in my early teen days.

Tip: after you get up, drink a glass of rooibos tea. Helps a lot when it comes to weight loss, cleanse your insides and prepares you for a new day. Find here more details.

Because I noticed on myself great benefits of a special breakfast, I decided to share the recipe with you; maybe you want to give it a try. I promise you, the changes in your routine will not kill you either smash your powers.

You may find lots of other choices on the internet, but I made this one on my own taste, with my own portions.

Therefore, you need:

-5 big table spoons oatmeal flakes

-300 milliliters milk

-2 small table spoons honey

-2 small table spoons Chia seeds

-2 small table spoons coconut oil



Put everything together in a pot and let them boil. When the boiling process starts, swirl gently the mixture till it gets homogenous and creamy.

It takes like 2/3 min till it’s finished, depending on your stove (gas/electric).

Put everything in a bowl and sprinkle cacao powder on top. Let it to cool down for 5 minutes.

Enjoy :*


Facetune (2)


Let me know if did improuved your days as well in the comments section. Hope you will like it and share it with your friends.

See you soon!





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