Which gonna be the next step ?

OK, I am in Denmark and now what?.. Honestly I was overwhelmed because I didn't leave my country before for more than 2/3 days and always with my parents in some small trips for some family meetings. Therefore, I wasn't quite sure what to expect or what will happen. To know from the start. Denmark … Continue reading Which gonna be the next step ?


Should we move?..yes/no

This happened in early 2012 while I was a Finance and Banking student in my home country. If I liked it there? well...I did and didn't because of all changes that happened in that period and me being so young I created in my mind the illusion that all is pink and pink is all. … Continue reading Should we move?..yes/no

New series

My dear all,  I was thinking today how I might be helpful for you and how my experiences did influence my life in a good way.  It all started 2012, spring, when I decided along with my boyfriend to move from our home country and make a life in Denmark. Many situations and people I … Continue reading New series