200 and more are coming up…❤

Thank you luvs for all your time and likes. I do appreciate every click. In nowtime, I reached 200 likes and I thank you for this. All this is happening because of you and promise I will do my blog a daily interest for you. Lot's of fun and great projects are coming up. Stay … Continue reading 200 and more are coming up…❤


Cheap and fun dye mini-project

Let me ask you something...How often did you raved for someting new in your house? but guess what, you did not have the money or simply you did not find that useful object you miss as a decoration. I propose you to have fun and a great time with your boyfriend/ friends/girlfriends, etc. In the … Continue reading Cheap and fun dye mini-project

Christmas Preparation

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hi hi girls, I was missing to write you a lot. My crazy life is going me nuts with all its this Uni things. But, I love it in the same time. So, let's not waste your precious time, and chatty chat about our Christmas prep. I think we all … Continue reading Christmas Preparation


Hello dears, It's a great pleasure for me to write again and as I promised myself that I will be more careful and write as much as possible. I missed it a lot this period 🙂 I love to cook for my boyfriend and I thought that might be a great idea to share with … Continue reading Yammy…pancakes

Decoration idea

Hello my sweety, I know that you all the time whant something nice as home decoration. Whant something in your living room that makes you smile and feel as much as confortable as possible or in your kitchen that great element which completes the hole cooking or dining environment. I could talk about it for … Continue reading Decoration idea

Preparing ;)

My dear girls and boys, We all know that soon will be Valentine's Day. And well, we of course need to prepare for that perfect day/meeting/moment. Yep yep...nothing should be unprepared or embarrassing, right?! So, I decided to come and help you with some music which will help you(at least I hope that it will) … Continue reading Preparing 😉

Reading or listening

Hi hi, my sweeties, I hope you had a great and delightful week. I sure had...ironically speaking. A lot of problems came these days and hope that by time I will solve them. I need to !! It's not brain surgery to pass this hard period but my calm and pacience is very low low … Continue reading Reading or listening

Fish …yammmy

My dear friends, This evening I decided to cook something else then usual, for me. I do realy like to make experiments in kitchen, so I tried to mix some fish with vegetables. I am sure that is nothing brilliant :)) but is very simple and tasty as well. Hope that you will try it … Continue reading Fish …yammmy

Fun and sweat

So my dears, yesterday I was to the gym. I had a very nice time loosing some kalories (I do really need that !!!) and after I went to sauna.  I feel so great after this week on "gyming" and it's crazy how much my body changes everyday. I wanna loose some wheight but still, … Continue reading Fun and sweat