Not expensive, not on sale but awesome looks

  As promised some time ago, I will talk today about Second Hand shops. HOW, WHAT, WHEN to buy stuff from this kind of stores, because you know that not all the time you are that multi millionaire and spend fortunes on cloths. My situation exactly. When I was younger, I had no attraction for … Continue reading Not expensive, not on sale but awesome looks


White teeth-Bright smile

Do you know those times when you Photoshop your teeth color because it is not bright enough? You feel insecure and do not smile with all your heart and mouth because people will see your yellow teeth. My obsession with teeth whitening is from a long time now. I never had the color I wished … Continue reading White teeth-Bright smile

Outfit of the week

What should I wear? the question that always I have in mind. Since a year ago, I discovered that I needed to pay much more attention for my outfits. I do not own many cloths, but the ones that I do, I absolutely love. What I like to do, is to buy tops from … Continue reading Outfit of the week


My dear all, I would like to thank to all of you whom were reading my blog in my total absence. I am in my last semester of University and I do have lots of work for my final project as student. But this is not my only reason of absence but, as well, I … Continue reading #Cozy

Healthy breackfast and morning routine

Not long time ago, I started to eat healthier than I used to. I introduced many cereals and vegetables in my every day diet. The result?...well, it's great. I feel more energized, more alive and my skin was this great, only in my early teen days. Tip: after you get up, drink a glass of … Continue reading Healthy breackfast and morning routine

Are you hungry?

Oh dear, I am struggling with my stomach since I know myself :))...If there is a way in saying this. I am hungry all the time. At least, This is what I did notice till now. I could eat every day, from fruits to meat 😀 This is not really helping me to handle my … Continue reading Are you hungry?

Let’s smile together

There comes a time when even a smile on your face changes your day. Try it! It's a challange.  It's not easy for us, young people to make a name in today's world but, it's worth it to try.  My life game started long time ago and step by step, I will succed. And you … Continue reading Let’s smile together